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مشاري راشد العفاسي | Mashari Rashid Al-Afasi

Country: Kuwait

-He is one of the most well-renowned Quran-readers (or Qari2) in the Muslim world.
-His name can be mispronounced in a variety of different ways (a little like mine, only even arabs make mistakes pronouncing his!). For the records, it's Mashari Rashid Al-Afasi

طلع البدر علينا - Tala3al Badru 3alayna - The Full Moon has appeared before us!

The Ansar (Muslims of Madinah) wrote this song when they heard that Muhammad PBUH was coming and welcomed him with it as he entered Madinah with Abu Bakr. The full moon is a metaphor for Muhammad PBUH appearing before them on the horizon like the full moon appears in the sky.
I think that Al-Ifasi has added some verses to the original, but I'm not sure
They're all veeeery beautiful in any case..
I found this song almost impossible to translate because of the beauty of the words used.
Tala3al-Badru 3alayna, The Full Moon has risen over us!
min thaniyyatil-Wada3 From the valleys of Wada3,
wajaba al-shukru 3alayna, Oh we must be grateful,
ma da3a lillahi da3 for the invitation of the preacher to [the way of] God
Ayyuha al-mab3uthu fina Oh You who have been sent to us,
ji2ta bi-al-amri al-muta3 You came with orders that [we have] obeyed [in advance]
Ji2ta sharrafta al-Madinah You came and honoured this town*
marhaban ya khayra da3 Welcome, oh greatest of preachers

Tala3al Noorul Mubeen
The clear light has come out
Nooru Khairul Mursaleen The light of the best of Messengers
Nooru Amnin Wa Salaam The light of Security** and Peace
Nooru Haqqin wa Yaqeen The light of Truth and Awareness of God
Sadaqallahu Ta3aala Allah (Ta3ala^) has been truthful
Ra7matan Lil3aalameen [Muhammad PBUH is] a mercy to the worlds
Fa 3alal Barri Shu3aa3 So on Land there is a radiance
Wa 3alal Ba7ri Shu3aa3 and on the Sea there is a radiance..


Mursalun Bilhaqqi Jaa2 A messenger which has come with the Truth
Nutquhu Wa7yussamaa2 He speaks the guidance of the sky (God)
Qawluhuu Qaulun Fasee7un His talk is [so] proper,
Yata7addal Bulaghaa2 It challenges the experts
Feehi Liljismi Shifaa2un It contains healing for the body
Feehi Lilroa7u dawaa2 It contains medecine for the soul
Ayyuhal Haadee Salaaman Oh, you who guide us, peace
Maa Wa3adhta ...(??)
What you {promised?}... (cannot make out)


Jaa2anal Haadi-l-Basheer He has come to us; the guide, and bringer of tidings,
Mutliqul 3aanil Aseer The one who sets free the suffering captive
Murshidu-Sa3ee Ithaa Maa
The guide of the wanderer if..
Abta2a-Saa3il Maseer
He slows down [and listens]
Deenuhu 7aqqun Suraa7un His religion is truth, towering
Deenuhu Mulkun Kabeer His religion is a great posession
Huwa Fi-Dunya Na3eemun It is luxury in [this] world
Wa Fi-l-Ukhraa Mataa3
And in the [next] life it is enjoyment


(Many thanks to for providing me with a starting base)
*At that time Madinah (which is the arabic word for town or city) was called Yathrib and not Madinah. After the arrival of Muhammad PBUH it was renamed to 'Al MadinatulMunawwara', meaning the enlightened city, or the lit city.
** Before the people of Madinah embraced Islam, it had been ravaged by a ruthless and age-old civil war (even by Arabia's standards at that time), and a huge amount of bloodshed had been taking place there.

إلا صلاتي - Illa Salati - [Anything] Except my Prayer

This is one of his famous adverts, being broadcasted on Islamic channels such as Iqraa TV.
[Anything] except my prayer,
I do not keep it [waiting] (leave it till the end of it's time)
What, my dear
It's worth my world

I will perform my obligatory prayer in its time
You have advice for me to do this, I will not forget it
"You won't leave it till later?"
I will not leave it till later.
"You won't leave it till later?"
I will pray it.


"Come to prayer"

More Videos will be added soon Insha2allah


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