Monday, 23 July 2007


First I want to apologise to you guys for the occasional broken links that have been happening, as well as the rubbish embedded players used to play the nasheed (sometimes there isn't even any facility to play them).. this site is undergoing some minor revamp work (not playing about with appearance again :) )- Insha2allah every translation should have a youtube video or flash presentation to go with it soon..

wow.. this mini-site's hits seem to have exceeded 4000.. according to the counter. :) AlHamdulillah

In the meantime explore the wealth of Nasheed Youtube offers using the players below..
N.B. Some Nasheed contain musical instruments in all playlists
N.B.  Don't worry if they don't show up - I may not put them all up at the same time.. just check back later

N.B. Some Nasheed are in other languages and do not have Translations

Only Nasheeds with english translation either in the video or in the description on YouTube

N.B. Music does not equal Nasheed.. no hating

Salam Alekom!

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Haq Islam said...

The site looks good mashallah, keep up the good work.
Please also link up Haq Islam here.